Housing: Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

The Student Connection has put together this page as a friendly resource guide.

What students can expect from your rental unit(s):

  • Individual beds
  • Clean linens
  • Working hot and cold running water
  • Working bathrooms and appliances
  • Electricity
  • Working smoke and CO2 detectors
  • General trash receptacles
  • General maintenance of items due to wear and tear
  • Rodent and insect control both in rooms and around perimeter of the building(s).

Many rental units will supply general cleaning supplies such as brooms, vacuum, trash bags and cleaning chemicals so students can maintain appropriate hygiene and sanitary practices.

Security Deposits

Have your security deposit fee and requirements in writing and discuss with tenants prior to moving in.  Both parties should sign and be given copies of the housing agreement.  Rooms should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to tenants moving in.  Make note of any existing problems or damages and discuss with tenants.  Take pictures before tenants move in and attach to agreement.

Housing Rules

Consider adding these policies to your written rental agreement:

  • Ask students for their Sponsor information in case of any medical emergencies or issues.
  • Any items included in rent such as linens, towels, dishes, toilet paper, trash bags, cleaning supplies, internet connection, tv, heat, air conditioning, etc.
  • Move in and move out dates – what happens if tenant departs early.
  • Lost key policy.
  • Quiet hours and guest policy.
  • Open flames policy including candles, hookah, incense, camp fires and bonfires.
  • Alcohol, drugs, weapons, smoking, fireworks policy.
  • Cleaning policy – be specific when asking for rooms to be kept clean as this can be vague. Other cultures may define “clean” differently.
  • Weekly housing inspections to observe damage, health, fire and safety codes.
  • Move out inspection.
  • Address where packages and mail can be received.
  • Storage of bicycles.
  • Landlord/property manager’s contact information for tenants in case of emergency such as leaking pipes.
  • Always issue a receipt for monies paid.